It was raining, and there was a strong wind blowing. Through a half-open window, something small and grey flew in and landed with a flop on the sill. It turned out to be alive. It was strange, like nothing anyone had ever seen, but they liked it right away. It charmed the whole family with its odd appearance and the way it acted, too. It followed everyone who spoke with its clever little eyes, as if it could understand them…
At first everyone was worried about what to feed it, but then they saw that it was growing bigger and bigger every day. It got less and less grey, rosy even, and it looked happier and happier. After about a week, when it was already the size of a large, pink mouse, something strange happened.
After a petty family argument, the creature went grey, small and sad again. Not everyone even noticed. The next day there was a heavy, dismal atmosphere in the house. The weather didn’t help—it was ugly and sad. Before long the creature had turned as small and grey again as it was the day it arrived, and they realized they had to do something.
Luckily, the sun came out again and everyone started smiling at each other, and the little grey thing started growing bigger and getting pink again, its clever little eyes sparkling as it looked all around…

[Przełożyła Saba Litwińska]

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