Once two fairytales met. One was a girl-fairytale, the other a fairytale for boys, so both wanted to know, what was the other one about.
One was about a doll and dressing up, about a kitten and a mouse, and some flowers. And the other fairytale was about a little car and a ball, about a trumpet and about a brick house.
Neither was happy of what they heard. But they didn’t want to quarrel, so they went for a walk. And what a surprise… The fairytales met a little boy and a little girl. A brother and a sister. The children were happy meeting the fairytales. The fairytales were also very happy and right away one wished to tell something to the boy and the other to the girl. It wasn’t easy, as the children hold each other’s hands and they didn’t want to listen to the fairytales separately.
They whispered for a while and the boy said: we would like to meet a fairytale, that all children could listen to, both boys and girls… 

[Przekład: Katarzyna Jadwiga Lewińska]

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